Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for January 5, 2022 - Fear  The Sword

With a new month comes a clean slate, and although I’ve been hot as of late, I’m looking forward to starting fresh and tracking my bets for the entire month.

A few minor changes for February: I’ll be posting multiple picks per day as opposed to just the one “Big Bet” and I’ll also be posting some reaction videos from time-to-time so you can see the years come off my life in real-time


3-Team Parlay
To Win: Bucks, Bulls, Warriors
Odds: 2.5

Single Game Moneyline
To Win: Nuggets
Odds: 2.6

2-Team Parlay
To Win: Bruins, Lightning
Odds: 1.75

2-Team Parlay
To Win: Leafs, Avalanche
Odds: 1.64

Why the Leafs are Canada's best NHL team - Pension Plan Puppets


Last night I had another big NBA Parlay on the line and needed a Cavs comeback win late in the 4th quarter. Cue the theatrics:

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