Ricky Bobby Racing – Season Opener in Bahrain

It’s been a wild nine months, but the F1 season wrapped up on Sunday in yet another flurry of controversy. I personally don’t agree with what happened, but that’s not what this post it about so I digress.

With the season ending and a three-month break staring us in the face, my craving for F1 racing is still going strong, so to fill the gap between now and March I’ve started a new team in the My Career mode of the F1 2021 Game.

Starting from scratch with everything from the car livery, the team name and the drivers, I will do my best attempt at moving from the back of the grid to start the season, to podiums by the end of the season.

In this weeks first episode I create my team, set up the season, and do the first race of the year in Bahrain. Come along for the ride as each week I endeavor to rise Ricky Bobby Racing like a phoenix from the ashes into Formula One royalty.

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