Tiger Woods is playing in a golf tournament next week. I repeat. Tiger Woods is playing in a (pretty much real) golf tournament ….. NEXT Week!

I know I (slightly sarcastically) boasted about Tiger hitting balls on the range last week, throwing a football around with Bryson, and just pretty much dominating his tournament week news cycle without actually being in the event, but this is genuinely such amazing news that I audibly gasped when I first read it.

If you remember all the way back to last year when things with Tiger were generally normal, him and his son Charlie were an absolute delight to watch in the father/son PNC Challenge. Wearing matching outfits, having identical mannerisms, being super into it, and overall, just being one of the cutest things these eyes had seen in years.

Well giddy up, because they are making their triumphant return next week and you can bet it will be a ratings bonanza. The Golf Channel has already changed their scheduling to broadcast the event live instead of on a delay, and just about anyone that has followed Tiger at all throughout the years will at least check-in briefly out of curiosity.

Tiger Woods to play PNC Championship with son Charlie in Florida

How lucky are we that we get to watch Tiger golf again already?! It’s another early Christmas gift to us all from the Woods family; and a much better one than the “Mac Daddy Santa” we got a few years back.

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