With the first two practice sessions at Jeddah now in the books we have a real look at the track and how the drivers stack up. Hamilton and Verstappen led P1, Lewis just .056 seconds ahead of Max. In P2, Red Bull spent a lot of time on track trying to see what time they could get in a hot lap in preparation for qualifying, but struggled. The Mercedes cars took one-two while Verstappen finished the session 4th, behind Pierre Gasly. There was one incident late in P2 however, when Charles LeClerc spun into the wall, thankfully walking away relatively unscathed.

Charles LeClerc Crashes During Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Practice

Initial thoughts on the track are overall pretty good, but traffic around the blind high-speed corners was certainly an issue and hopefully one that the teams will be able to sort out ahead of qualifying. Much like we saw in Monza, it can be quite frustrating and dangerous for guys attempting a hot lap to suddenly take a high-speed corner and find one or multiple other drivers in their way trying to time out the tow scenarios for their own hot laps. Regardless, the guys seem to enjoy the track (for the most part) and while it looks like overtaking may be difficult here, it sets up for a good Quali and hopefully another Verstappen-Hamilton battle on Sunday.

LIVE COVERAGE - First Practice in Saudi Arabia | Formula 1®

After the first two practice sessions and with qualifying to come tomorrow, the top-five in P2 were:

And the full field:


For now I’m just going to place my big bets on Qualification; the odds will change quite a bit post-quali. That being said, now is a good time to get bets in ahead of qualifying if you think someone is going to qualify ahead of their expected position, therefore lowering their odds going into the race.


Lewis Hamilton (1.65/1 Odds)


Pierre Gasly (7/1), Fernando Alonso (17/1)

Lewis Hamilton takes Saudi Arabia GP practice double ahead of crucial  weekend

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After Saturday’s qualification sessions I will post updated odds and who I will be taking in the race

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