I first heard about Conor Moore a couple of years ago when he popped onto the social media scene with some incredible impressions of PGA Tour golfers. The combination of incredibly accurate with tiny details, yet still so out there and sarcastic that no one can take offence, worked perfectly with golf fans and media alike. This would lead to Moore getting a show with The Golf Channel, whilst continuing to be a fan favourite on social media.

Well, little did I know, he does impressions for other sports too. After stumbling across the F1 video I’ll post in a minute, I discovered that he does impressions of pretty much anyone in the sports world; so feel free to go down that rabbit hole if you’d like. What caught my eye, was this video Conor posted about a week ago doing impressions of Formula One Drivers and media. Take a look:


  • At this point I have to give full credit to Will Buxton for not changing his delivery after he has been roasted all over the internet since the first season of Drive to Survive aired
  • Max Verstappen’s was probably my favourite. I knew exactly what was coming but it still gets me every time when he snaps
  • Carlos Sainz!
  • That’s actually a pretty good Ricciardo accent
  • Lance Stroll’s little steering wheel move was great
  • Would love to see the drivers react to these (if that’s already out there, please send it to me)

All-in-all, just a fun three minutes. Check out Conor’s Youtube page for more, and let me know what your favorite was.

Also, don’t forget that the F1 season resumes this weekend! We will have a full preview of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Thursday and our Best Bets on Friday

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