Course: Tarandowah GC
Location: Springfield, ON
Length:  5402 To 7067 Yards
Par: 70
Driving Range: Yes
Putting Green: 

If you haven’t heard of Tarandowah yet, you’re probably not alone. This links-style track is somewhat of a hidden gem but once you find it you’ll never forget it. Located in Springfield, Ontario, you may be a little thrown off at first due to the lack of flashy clubhouse or signage, but don’t fret; by the time you step up to the first tee you’ll have a better feel for the journey you’re about to embark on.

The one word Greg and I kept coming back to when discussing this course was “experience.” From start to finish, the entire day was riveting. From the little things like their bunker rakes each having individual holders to keep them upright, to the unique tee box setups, to the big things like the countless bunkers facing towards each tee box, and the incredible layout that requires a combination of strategy, good ball-striking, touch and even luck on each and every shot. I’d go as far as to say this is the best links-style course I’ve played in Canada. They have found the ideal combination of difficulty, fun, and individuality; and at around $60 for 18 holes it’s a trip well worth making.

One warning though: As the first tee rock displayed, this course is very difficult. I wouldn’t typically tell people not to try out a certain course, but unless you can regularly break 100 I would maybe put this on your list of courses to work your way up to. That, or go in expecting to shoot a high score and just enjoy the ride.

Course Condition – 8.6
Difficulty – 9.4
Amenities – 7.5
Design – 8.8
Fun – 8.7

Final Score
43/50 or 86%

Other Notes
– The drive in is quite peaceful. Keep an eye for Amish folks as you make your way to the course
– Course doesn’t have much signage. This can be confusing when trying to find the next tee box or knowing where to hit your tee shot, but it adds to the “traditional” vibe of Tarandowah
– Rarely do I marvel at a courses par-4’s… but they’re incredible here. A good mix of long and short, tough and strategic
– Greens were in great shape. Lots of break (some of them looked like potato chips) but you can make putts if you start them on line
– Practice your bunker game before playing here. Greenside and fairway!
– Just enjoy it. You’re going to get some good and bad bounces and maybe shoot a little higher score than you are used to, but just enjoy the experience

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