Course: East Lake GC
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Length: 7346 Yards
Par: 70
Field: 30 Players
Cut:  None
Defending Champion
: Tiger Woods
Other: The final event of the 2019 PGA Tour season but the first to ever use a staggered scoring system. For a full breakdown of how that will work, click this link here. To put it simply though, everyone in the field will begin the event somewhere between 10-under-par and Even-par depending on their place in the playoff standings. As weird as this will look on Thursday afternoon when guys are already double-digits under par, the idea is to have whoever wins the event on Sunday also leave with the FedEx Cup title and $15 Million. Everyone in the field will earn a minimum of $300,000, escalating with each finishing position.
For the players that is obviously a lot of money at stake to motivate them to play, and for the fans this could go one of two ways come Sunday afternoon: Justin Thomas or one of the top guys runs away with it and the finish is anticlimactic, or the pack comes together and we enter the final round with a bunch of players vying for the title and $15 million. Hopefully for everyone involved it’s the latter.

My Rankings
Odds, Recent Form, Tournament History, Stats Rank (tailored to course), Simulator Rank (From, starting spot = Average, Overall Rank & Difference from Odds Rank

1 – Justin Thomas (starts 1st)
2 – Rory McIlroy (starts 5th)
3 – Webb Simpson (starts 6th)
4 – Jon Rahm (starts 6th)
5 – Patrick Reed (starts 4th)

**This week for outright winners your best bet is to re-assess the odds after each round. Guys like Justin Thomas starting at around 2/1 odds isn’t worth a bet at this point. After day one or two (unless he runs away with it) his odds should change dramatically. The trick is figuring out how far down the list to avoid betting before day 1. For me, I will place an outright on Webb Simpson, Jon Rahm and Patrick Reed but wait to place anything on Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy. As usual, matchups are the best way to make consistent money and although they’re a little different with the staggered start, a couple of strokes over four rounds shouldn’t make too much of a difference if one player is playing well and the other isn’t.


Last Week
My-Five: 1st, 5th, 19th, 37th, 52nd
Matchups: 4-0

My-Five: 11 Wins, 25 Top-Threes, 45 Top-Tens (29 Events, 145 Picks)
Matchups: 68-29-7 (65% Win Rate)

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