Quite frankly I just can’t print the majority of things that came across my earholes out there on the course today. There were a lot of funny but inappropriate comments and/or language that just wouldn’t look good on paper. That being said, as incredible as it is to watch Brooks up close it was almost as entertaining listening to the comments about him from the crowd. Some quiet, some loud, and some directly at him. These were my favourites:

“Yummy, yummy”

“That’s a big rig right there”

“Best lookin’ guy on Tour”

“He is sooooo big”

“More tanned and way hotter than I thought he would be”

“What are you curling these days, Brooksie?”

“Now that’s a man! He’s a Killer”

I am also pretty sure I witnessed the beginning of the end of a relationship out there whilst standing by the 14thgreen. As Brooks was lining up his putt there was a couple in their 20’s standing by the ropes and the girl uttered, “He is SO hot” followed by a glare from her boyfriend, a “What?!” from the girlfriend and then the argument begun. Not the most mature of arguments but it escalated quickly and ended in both of them storming off. Very entertaining as a spectator.

Unfortunately as the day wore on and the beer kicked in, some of Hamilton’s finest turned things slightly negative. Brooks didn’t have his best stuff today and that apparently fueled people’s animus towards his honesty about non-major events. There was a lot of the following:

“Nice practice shot, Brooks”

“Guess you’re playing like this because it isn’t a major”

“Why come if you don’t care?”

“Couldn’t care less” (yelled after he hit a tee shot)

All in all whichever way you want to look at it, it was an entertaining couple of hours. When you’ve got crowds this big there are always going to be a few loose cannons that think they’re funny and want to get a laugh. For the most part though the comments were positive; thanking him for coming to Canada, praising his game, complimenting his looks, and wishing him well in the US Open. As the crowds only continue to increase and the beers get flowing, it will certainly be interesting to see crowd reaction out there the rest of today and into tomorrow’s final round. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring.

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