Topics this week include:

The Toronto Raptors advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. I was out downtown watching game 6 vs the Bucks and relive my experience

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The enjoyment was somewhat stifled by this video from Kawhi Leonard’s sister in which you can hear someone in the background talking about Kawhi not returning to Toronto. Was it the infamous Uncle Dennis? Sure hope not.

This video also surfaced this morning of Lakers executive Rob Pelinka. He has been in a public scuffle with Magic Johnson since Magic stepped down from the team recently and put much of the blame on Pelinka’s shoulders. This video seems to support Magic’s side of things. Keep in mind Heath Ledger passed away six months before The Dark Knight was in theaters.

Back to golf. I go over Koepka’s win at the PGA, his emergence in the media as an important voice (both the Brandel thing and in general), Tiger missing the cut, and DJ making a run

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Next I discuss the great stretch of courses the PGA Tour is going through right now, Canadian Open updates, and a new PGA Tour Cut rule

And finally, I dig into this stupid, immature clip from Hank Haney.

Opening/Closing song: Once in a While – Timeflies

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