Didn’t have a chance to post this last night, so I’ll try to make this a quick recap. 

Wednesday got off to a good start. Any day that starts with this view is bound to be a good day.

Even better, the second I sat down in the Media Shuttle the guy beside me asked if I’d like a coffee and handed me a free large Starbucks. Apparently they gave him extras. Lucky me!

Once I arrived at the course I immediately headed over to the Heritage Lawn for the skills competition between Dustin Johnson and Webb Simpson. Thinking I was late I booked it over there and arrived drenched in sweat. Turns out they were the ones running late and I had about 10 minutes to kill. Oh well. 

The skills challenge was actually pretty cool. DJ and Webb showed a lighter side of themselves and it was a good time. For more on that, here’s a link to my story about it

Once done there I headed back to the media centre for some grub. It was “Mexican” day so I scarfed down some chicken fajitas. Delicious.

On my way back to the Media Centre I passed by Xander Schauffele entering the course. As he did so a little kid ran up asking for his autograph with such glee that I had to take a picture. Xander was kind enough to stop and sign, which made the kids day

Back in the Media Centre I befriended some fellow colleagues (which would pay dividends later in the day) and then I was off to follow Jordan Spieth’s pro-am round. For all the details on that click here, but these were some of the cool tidbits from the round:

  • Jordan showed up on the 10thtee out of nowhere with a MASSIVE sandwich for his caddy
  • He got asked for autographs literally everywhere he went. To the point he had to repeat this phrase ad nauseum, “Sorry guys, you’ll have to be patient with me. Once we catch up to the group ahead of us I will sign for everyone.” 
  • Jordan and his caddy Michael were awesome with their group. They chatted and laughed the entire way through the round
  • Apparently Jordan made a bet with his buddy that Columbus would beat Tampa Bay in the first round of the NHL Playoffs. Michael didn’t believe it at first but Jordan seemed adamant
  • In terms of caddies skills as golfers, Jordan thinks Michael is top-20 on Tour. Michael humbly corrected that to maybe top 75 or 100 out of 200
  • Once Jordan was able to sign autographs everyone went NUTS. One young girl literally yelled out “My heart is bursting right now!” after a Jordan autograph. 
  • Jordan was slightly ambushed by a group of girls after his tee shot on 18 and the one girl that apparently “loves him” went the deepest shade of red I’ve seen from a blush in some time
  • His putting issues are actually real. It wasn’t like I was watching one of my buddies putt (they can’t) but he missed a large number of makeable putts

After following Jordan and then walking back to the Media Centre to write up the story, the nice couple I met earlier in the day invited me to a soiree of sorts. I’m not entirely sure what it was labelled, but there were a lot of South Carolina media big wigs and people associated with the tournament. It was a cool networking event and they had awesome free food and drinks (the best way to my heart). So thank you to the Gillespie’s for being so kind and inviting me!

We stayed there for a few hours and then I made my way to a bar to catch the Leafs game. Tough loss but we’ll get them tomorrow. 

(That’s my dog Bogey. Yep, named her after a golf score).
Anywho, I’m back at the course writing this on Thursday morning, so I will leave you here and go see what today brings. Come back later for more!

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