Dustin Johnson vs Webb Simpson. North Carolina vs South Carolina. That’s what was at stake this morning as two of the top golfers on the planet squared off in a three round skills challenge. 

First up: Trick Shot Challenge.

After some discussion as to what they would actually do, an agreement was reached. First to hit the RBC sign at the top of the Heritage Lawn arch. Webb went first and thinned it a bit, smoking the steel area under the heritage sign. Not his best. Then it was DJ’s turn

That’s why he’s #1 folks. Next challenge? Chippo

The two traded blows like heavyweight contenders, leading to a sudden death chip-off.

What a battle. All square (or “Tied” as they now say) heading into event number three. This event would challenge players both mentally and physically, leaving them scrambling for assistance from their caddies. The event? The beer-pong equivalent of putt-putt. 

After multiple fruitless attempts, the caddies were brought in as ringers. And one man emerged victorious. Thanks to two great putts from his one-armed brother (he has two arms but one is in a cast) DJ and Austin were the victors. 

And to the victor goes the spoils

All kidding aside, this was a lot of fun. Webb was as kind and fun as we’ve all heard he is, and DJ showed a lighter side of him that we don’t usually get much of a glimpse of. Well done to the RBC Heritage team. 

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