Brooks Koepka has intentionally lost nearly 25 pounds over the last four months, but he won’t tell us why.


Yes believe it or not, the guy that posted this video a mere two weeks ago has dropped a considerable amount of weight:

When asked what spurred this on, Koepka played coy:

“You’ll see… After Wednesday I’ll be fine.”

Not surprisingly, Brooks has seen a dip in driving distance and accuracy while undergoing this transformation; an issue he’s willing to put up with in the short term for the long term gain:

“When you go from 212 pounds to 190, there’s not as much weight going forward through the ball… I don’t have as much feel. I just feel out of sorts…. I’m definitely going to have a cheeseburger. I haven’t had one in a while.”

Interesting. Sounds like we will find out tomorrow, but here’s hoping nothing is seriously wrong and he is just being more conscious of what he’s putting in his body. In five starts on the PGA Tour since November, Brooks has just one top-five finish. Not what we’re used to seeing from him. If nothing else this at least gives us a glimpse into why; regardless of how little we actually know for sure at this point.

For the record here is a picture of Brooks in October:

And here is one from this past weekend. Do you spot an over 20 pound difference? It’s admittedly hard to tell from just a picture, but if anything he looks bigger now.

I guess we will find out tomorrow.


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