Despite the week getting off to a rocky start, PGA Tour rookie and Twitter aficionado Eddie Pepperell (@PepperellEddie) capped off his Players Championship debut with a third place finish.

That isn’t the best thing Eddie has done in the past few days though (unless you have access to his bank account). Eddie runs a personal golf blog and regularly posts updates on everything from golf to life to travel. His latest post, “Who says Golf is everything detailed his week at TPC Sawgrass and as Pepperell does, he was quite open about the peaks and valleys he experienced throughout the week.

“I hadn’t snapped a club all year until the Tuesday of Sawgrass during a practice round. I was hitting a 5-iron into the 7th hole and after hitting what was ironically one of my better shots that day, though still not good, I smashed the club into my bag, bending it severely, and then proceeded to throw it Rory McIlroy style into the lake for the alligators to feast on. It was an act of petulance, borne out of frustration.”

“My first ever shot into the famous 17th hole was on Wednesday during my practice round. It was into a slight breeze and I landed it straight in the water short of the green. It was definitely the most nervous I’ve ever felt in a practice round.”

“I would have a hard time remembering a round in my career where my short game was as good as it was yesterday at Sawgrass. What made it quite bizarre was that my short game of late, along with pretty much every other aspect, has been really pretty shit. I thinned a simple 5 yard bunker shot in Mexico 30 yards through the green”

On his tee-shot to the par-3 17th on Sunday:
“There’s really not much room for fear. After hitting my 9 iron to 50 feet, I went back to the bag and said to Mick and Lordy (Justin’s caddie), “at least its f***ing dry.”

“The crowds chanting “EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE” after I holed the putt reminded me of a time when I was at school, oh, no it didn’t. It felt strange being the centre of attention on such a massive stage.”

It’s rare to hear any athlete, let alone a professional golfer be that open and self-deprecating. If you’re not following both his blog and his Twitter, you’re doing it wrong.

Luckily for golf fans we’re about to see a lot more of Pepperell. At 36th in the World Golf Rankings he will qualify for the WGC-Match Play in Austin and has already been admitted into the field for the 2019 Masters. Imagine the stories he could tell if he were to slip his arms into the Green Jacket come Masters Sunday.

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