Late last night I came across this Tweet:

Innocently enough, this painted an image in my brain. Those in power at Augusta National, as we all know, are obsessed with tradition and image. They have banned certain announcers, made countless changes to the course, been notoriously slow to adapt to the times and are meticulous with every detail of every single thing they do. That’s not a criticism, it’s just the truth.

So naturally my brain conjured images of multiple old white men in green jackets huddled around a table with a print out of Adam Scott’s words staring back at them. In this image these men are not happy. These men will not stand for the most prestigious event in the golfing world being won on a putt with the flagstick in. These men will not allow that iconic moment to be viewed in that manner for the rest of time.

Not. These. Men.

Humored by my own brain I decided to share this thought with the public by going to and crafting a tweet.

Thinking nothing of it, I went to sleep a few hours later. Full disclosure my tweets never get any traction. I basically use Twitter to promote my golf stuff, so I’m not bothered by it. When I woke up to some Twitter notifications, I was a tad surprised. The next few hours went as follows:

After some further research (a Twitter search) I discovered this was an ongoing topic of discussion among other fellow golf nerds too.

Hmm. Seem to be some mixed opinions out there. At a glance it appears others had similar thought bubbles to mine pop into their brains about Augusta. How about that?

But what about the pros? What do they think? We know Adam Scott’s stance and Bryson DeChambeau is basically the poster boy for the flag in. Any naysayers?

Alright. Seems to be talking points on both sides.

Whether or not anything actually happens in April at Augusta regarding the flagstick (or if it *can* happen) was never really the point; at least not to me. It’s the discussion.

This rule and some of the other new ones are a fresh talking point in the golfing world, and are spurring on discussions. This is what we want if the sport we love is to grow, right?

I thought so. But you never know what might happen when you veer into Golf Twitter.

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