Phil Mickelson may have walked away from “The Match” with $9 Million, but it appears Tiger didn’t leave empty handed either.


That is essentially indisputable evidence that Tiger procured *something* from that woman’s hand. A piece of gum perhaps? A message from his kids? Doubtful. If we’re being honest, the most likely scenario is that lady wrote something, probably a phone or room number on a slip of paper, which Tiger clearly grabbed and placed in his pocket.

As far as we know, Tiger does currently have a girlfriend (Erica Herman) but given his past, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to see this happening. Plus, if the cameras were able to pick up this particular exchange, just imagine how many times this sort of thing goes unnoticed.

Personally, it’s not my favorite thing to see. Tiger after all, still holds a mystique unlike any athlete on the planet. So to see him casually taking a girls number (allegedly) and shoving it in his pocket is a bit disconcerting. On the other hand (and not that I condone it) Tiger was never better than when he was, shall we say, on the prowl. And I have to applaud how casually he played the entire thing.

Here’s hoping we get some sort of follow-up on this; whether from Tiger or this girl herself. Just don’t expect it. In my opinion, the only way we hear anything more on this from Tiger’s notoriously tight-lipped camp is if he in fact, did not receive a phone number.

In the meantime however, if Tiger wins this week at his offseason event; The Hero World Challenge, the whispers this clip is making online will turn to murmurs or more. Considering how Tiger’s game looked on Friday however, don’t count on it.

And even if he did take this note and it did contain a phone number; does that mean anything happened? Feel free to believe what you want.

One thing is for sure. No chance this has happened to Phil Mickelson even once in the last twenty years. I’m sorry Phil, but it’s true. Walking off the green after winning the playoff he may have felt he finally had one over on Tiger. After seeing this? Yet another task just out of Phil’s reach.

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