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I mean, we all have this friend, right? The one that attempts the Happy Gilmore every single time you play? I know I sure do…

Phil doing his best to spice up the match with Tiger…. and damnit it’s working

 Must be nice. I guess when you’re built like Popeye these things happen.

I could’ve shaved a LOT of strokes off my game with bounces like this

Charles’ swing gets me every time

As do Happy Gilmore quotes

Nothing funny about this one, I just owe it to Wayne as a Canadian citizen
to post positive things about him whenever humanly possible 🙂

What a good dog

I’d feel worse for Rory if I hadn’t done this many, many times myself

Worst Scores of the Week

Individual Holes

Quadruple Bogeys
Brandon Stone – 2nd rd – 7 on par-3 17th
Scott Vincent – 2nd rd – 7 on par-3 12th
Triple Bogeys

Yuki Inamori – 2nd rd – 7 on par-4 7th
 ”                              ”      – 6 on par-3 17th
Lucas Bjerregaard – 2nd rd – 7 on par-4 15th
Russell Knox – 2nd rd – 7 on par-4 7th
Rory McIlroy – 2nd rd – 7 on par-4 7th (Vid above)
Jason Norris – 1st rd – 8 on par-5 8th
Matthew Fitzpatrick – 2nd rd – 7 on par-4 13th

Worst Rounds
Yuki Inamori – 82 – 2nd Round
Shubhankar Sharma – 80 – 1st & 2nd Round
Brandon Stone – 80 – 2nd Round
Brett Rumford – 80 – 2nd Round
Ashun Wu – 80 – 2nd Round
Matthew Fitzpatrick – 80 – 2nd Round



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