We’re talkin’ 2019 FedEx Cup, but for a preview of this week’s Tour Championship at East Lake, click here

Like it or not, the winds of change are a comin’ to the PGA Tour next season. After 11 years of the current FedEx Cup format, (this being the 12th) we’re going to have a new criteria for crowning a season-long champion in 2019.

Current format

  • Top 125 in season long points race qualify for first of four playoff events
  • Four events take place over a five-week span, the field reduced after each to 100, 70 and finally, 30 for the Tour Championship
  • Winner of the FedEx Cup receives $10 Million
  • Winner of Tour Championship wins $2 Million


  • Top-10 Regular Season finishers in FedExCup points through the Wyndham Championship will qualify for Wyndham Rewards Top 10. The leader will earn $2 million, followed by $1.5 million for the runner-up, down to the 10th-place finisher earning $500,000
  • Playoffs — Four events reduced to three (Fields go from 125 to 70 to 30)
  • Winner of the FedEx Cup receives $15 Million
  • Instead of a points reset at East Lake, The FedExCup points leader after the first two Playoffs events will begin the TOUR Championship at 10-under par. The next four players will start at 8-under through 5-under. The next five will begin at 4-under, regressing by one stroke per five players until those ranked Nos. 26-30 start at even par.
  • At the conclusion of Sunday’s final round, the player with the lowest total score will be the FedEx Cup Champion and be credited with an official PGA Tour victory


Something had to change. We know the PGA Tour hates the idea of having someone win the Tour Championship but not the FedEx cup, and acknowledged, finally, that the points system was too confusing. So with that being said, I see why they’ve done it this way. It’s not perfect, but to me its certainly an improvement. I’m seeing the Tour catching a lot of flack on the idea of a player starting an event 10-under, while another player starts as low as even. This bothers me too, but not for the same reason. I actually like giving guys the head start because it removes the points based factor and makes things very simple when you’re watching as a fan. Bryson DeChambeau is at -14 and Tiger Woods is at -8? Okay, Tiger is six shots back, easy. Bryson has 41,786 points and Tiger Woods has 38,212 points…. and I’m lost. So this makes things simple. I like simple.

The thing I dislike, is that they’re giving the winner an official PGA Tour win. Give him the FedEx Cup trophy, give him the $15 Million, give him the Wyndham points, whatever. But when someone has to overcome up to 10 strokes in four days, or is given as much as a ten-stroke lead over another player, you just simply cannot, I repeat can not give out an official PGA Tour win. You just can’t do it. I have been trying to wrap my brain around the idea for two days now and I just cant. This is the Tour Championship; players receive a ton of status and exemptions from playing in the event as it is. Don’t give out an official win for what’s essentially running a 100 meter race vs someone running 80. It’s just not right. Remove the official win and let the guys enjoy their payday. Do the right thing.





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