First off, this is all speculation at this point. However, it’s 2018. You can’t be famous and remove photos of your significant other, and not have the internet make a big deal out of it.

Insert Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson. Despite the couple having two young kids together: Tatum, three, and one year old Rivers, and arranging a wedding for 2019, things appear to be on the rocks.

After a few days of social media going nuts looking for a reason why Paulina randomly deleted all photos of Dustin from her Instagram on Saturday night, it looks like we may have found the answer. At this point its pure speculation, but hey, like I said, it’s 2018.

According to The Sun, A UK Based gossip publication, Yassie Safai is responsible for the rift:


         “Johnson and Gretzky are regular visitors to the exclusive Sherwood Country Club  near Los Angeles, where Safai’s partner, Michael Humbarger, is also a member. She is reported to have caught the golfing bug in a big way, and has regularly re-tweeted messages detailing Johnson’s exploits on the course.
        Another Sherwood member, who did not want his identity revealed, commented: “It is the talk of the club that Yassie is at the centre of the split, and it has caused the Gretzky family a lot of heartache.
[“Yassie is very ambitious, and is keen to be seen as the ultimate golf chick – but I’m not sure if being involved in something like this will help or hurt those ambitions.”]
Paulina’s parents, Wayne and wife Janet, own a mansion at Sherwood, and are said to be furious at the way the scandal has erupted.”


yassie3.jpgThis is not the first time DJ had made headlines for allegedly being linked to an affair, but it is the first time since dating Paulina. Alli Mackenzie, ex-wife of PGA Tour star Will, was forced to deny rumors of an affair with DJ, while another top golfer is alleged to have confronted Johnson over suggestions he had bedded his wife. There was also the time Johnson denied cheating on then-girlfriend Amanda Caulder with LPGA Tour star Natalie Gulbis. And, to top it all off, DJ and Paulina actually started seeing each other while in a relationship with others, saying they had “undeniable chemistry.”


Since DJ and Paulina announced their relationship publicly a few years ago, the two have been far from shy about sharing photos on social media, a perceived distraction at first. But since a suspension from the PGA Tour which many believe was due to a substance abuse issue, and some heart-to-heart talks with one of the best athletes of all time (who just conveniently happens to be Paulina’s father) Dustin returned to form and his ascension up the rankings led many to believe his days of philandering were behind him.

Paulina is often spotted following Dustin on the PGA Tour, but has not been seen in recent weeks and her appearance, or lack thereof, at the Ryder Cup at the end of September, will certainly be a topic of discussion and further gossip. Again, I want to make it clear that this is all just unsubstantiated rumors at this point, but if Paulina doesn’t show up in France with Dustin, this thing might just have some legs. Wouldn’t be the first time a high profile golfer cheated on his wife….


Stay tuned.


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