After shooting one-under in yesterday’s third round, while paired with Lexi Thompson, Brittany Marchand was back in the same pairing again today. Despite playing with one of the top golfers in the world, having to deal with crowds rooting almost exclusively for Lexi, and moving after each of Lexi’s shots, Brittany never showed one ounce of resentment, or intimidation. In fact, she appeared to be enjoying the challenge. 




Let’s pick things up on the 13th tee. For whatever reason, this tee-shot has been giving Brittany fits all week. Today, was no different.

That left her here:


And would lead to a bogey. The 14th hole, referred to as “the party hole” yielded this tee shot from Brit:

She didn’t make the putt, but nonetheless, a solid par.

A few holes later, Brit found herself in much the same spot as yesterday. Over-par on the day, but with three relatively gettable holes remaining. Again, she birdied 16 and 17, just like yesterday, and arrived at the 18th tee in hopes of making it three straight.

Despite the follow through, the drive was in the fairway. Nicely done.

Lexi wasn’t so fortunate with her tee shot. Inexplicably, it ended up in this chair.


The look on her face sums it up perfectly. She would be granted a drop, of course, but what are the odds of her tee ball landing in a chair? According to fans in the area, it hit a tree branch and dropped into the chair, but something about that doesn’t add up. Namely, that there was a person who admitted to being in the chair. Oh well. 

Back to Brittany. A lay up and a pitch later, she faced a makeable birdie putt for a positive finish. But first, an announcement:

That must be a cool feeling. Here was the bid for three straight birds.

So close. Still, two out of three ain’t a bad way to finish.

After all was said and done, Brittany shot a final round 70, and finished in a tie for 32nd. It’s her second best placing of the season, after a tie for 7th last week.

As she has done every day, Brittany was kind enough to speak with me after her round. Here’s the transcript from that:

Post-round interview

Q: You mentioned earlier in the week how important finishing strong on the weekends was to you, and how it’s something you’re really focusing on. Yesterday you birdied your final three holes, today you birdied two of the last three. How satisfying was that?
A: It feels good. Obviously it wasn’t the two weekend rounds I was looking for, but I’m glad I kind of pulled it together at the end of the rounds. So that was good!

Q: What is it about the tee-shot on 13 that doesn’t fit your eye? You’ve had trouble there seemingly all week.
A: It actually is like a perfect shot for me because I hit a draw off the tee. I think the last two days I just sort of pushed them a little too much, and then today I was definitely trying to keep it left, and it went way left.

Q: You managed to, despite hitting the lip on your approach on 13, which would frustrate anyone, to yell “Fudge!” instead of letting out an expletive. Was that a conscious decision? It was very mature of you.
A: Yeah, I mean, I try to. I don’t want to swear, but in those moments, you want to. I try to keep my language good, you know? In general, I just don’t want to have a bad attitude out there because at the end of the day, I’m golfing for a living. So I try to keep it P-G. I also yelled, on I think it was 10, I yelled, “Shindig!” (laughs) instead of the other. So I just try to have some different little things I can say that give me a little bit of a release, but nothing too bad. 

Q: This is your sixth straight week out on Tour. With it being so hot this whole week, did that drain you even more, given that you’re at the end of such a long run?
A: 100%. I mean, I could totally feel my fatigue out there on a couple shots today. And I think the biggest thing is, mentally, I just, it was hard out there today to just keep it together and keep my focus. It’s so hot and it’s been a long stretch, so, I’m happy that I ended well, but I could definitely feel the mental fatigue in the middle of the round today.

Q: Brooke said the other day, “It’s hot out here for a Canadian!” How did this week rank in terms of hottest weeks since you’ve been out here?
A: This hasn’t been the hottest. Honestly, I think KPMG in Chicago was a little bit hotter. It got up into the 100’s. But I mean, this is, it’s pretty hot. Then again, I also went to school in North Carolina, so I’m used to humidity. In that aspect, it’s just next level humidity, so this isn’t horrible. But, I don’t love it! (Laughs). I walked out the front door, and immediately my face was sweating. A little bit of breeze helps, but otherwise you have no chance.

Q: Last question. Brooke is currently in the lead. Are you going to stick around? Or are you too wiped? 
A: I’m always cheering for her, but I have a five-hour drive back to Toronto, so, I have some family visiting from Erie, Pennsylvania right now. I’m going to eat with them and head back, just because of the drive. And I also have to work with my coach tomorrow, so I have to get back!


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