I was a little slower than normal this morning. There was a wedding at the hotel I’m staying at last night, and I somehow got caught up in the after party. No regrets, it was fun, but the alarm this morning was not my friend. Especially since I still had to transfer photos over from yesterday, put those in the blog, post that, and then edit the vlog. A daunting task when all you want to do is lay in bed. No time for that though, so up I got.

Immediately after walking outside it hit me that today was going to be a scorcher. 30+ degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Part of me thought, “this is beautiful,” while the other part was loosening up for a long, sweaty day.


As usual, the first thing to do when getting into the media centre is check the leaderboard. There were some good players finishing up their rounds that I wanted to track down, but I had to finish the vlog before I could venture back out into the what felt like the face of the sun. Unfortunately, by the time I got that done, I’d missed the morning wave and the afternoon groups had taken their spot on the course. That’s okay. What happened next was much more disappointing:

Lunch today was sushi.


The rest of the media centre was ecstatic, but not I. I’m a picky eater and I don’t like any type of seafood, so I was out of luck. Not a big deal though, I had some time to kill anyways while the afternoon wave got into their rounds. After taking a peek at the putting green and seeing Cheyenne Woods grinding away, I ventured up to the clubhouse, famished.


I figured I should just buy my own lunch today. So that’s exactly what I did.

Buffalo chicken wrap and a Bud Light. Simple, yet effective.

chicken wrap

At this point there was no putting it off any longer; time to get out in the oven-like temperatures and follow some golfers. The course looked great though!

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Two groups that were nearing the end of their first nine holes included players of interest to me, so off I went. They had started on the back-nine, so by the time I got to the 18th tee, the first group of interest was just arriving. Jodi Ewart-Shadoff was 5-under for the tournament and inside the top-ten, and thanks to a spectacular wedge approach to the par-5, she got to 6-under.

Jodi 18th tee

In the group behind her was Stacy Lewis. Stacy parred the hole to remain 3-under for the tournament. As I walked back to the media centre to get a water, Cheyenne was still grinding away. She was finished her round and sat right on the cut line at Even par, but she was clearly determined to fix something in her putting stroke.

After some rehydration, I continued with those two pairings for the remainder of their rounds. One of Stacy’s playing partners, Bronte Law, caught my attention as well by shooting a 4-under 68, which, if not for a double-bogey on her second last hole, would have given her a share of second place.

bronte law pic

Jodi Ewart-Shadoff, in the group ahead, finished with this solid par on her final hole (the ninth) to get in the clubhouse at 7-under and a tie for third place.

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She spoke with me after the round:

Right behind her was Stacy Lewis. Her score-bearer had her listed at 6-under, but she informed us after walking off the last hole that she was actually 5-under. Still a great spot to be in.

Lewis final leaderboard.JPG

Stacy was kind enough to speak with me as well:

Heading back to the media centre after those interviews, I was feeling pretty good about what I’d gotten and was almost ready to call it a day. Just as I was wrapping up, though, I saw Canadian Brittany Marchand near the top of the leaderboard and nearing completion of her round. I booted over to the 18th green just in time to see her finish with this nice par save.

She finished at 5-under, in a tie for 12th place.

She was also kind enough to speak with me. I must say, it was nice to speak with a fellow Canadian. She’s from Orangeville, Ontario, which is about half an hour to an hour from Toronto, so there was an instant comfort level.

Really nice girl. Interesting answers about a potential relation to Brad Marchand, and despite not being a huge hockey fan, I really liked her. Hopefully she can get that top-ten or even better over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, the cut line was Even Par.

CUt line

Cheyenne made it right on the number. A few of the girls that weren’t so fortunate:

Paula Creamer, Emily Pedersen, Yani Tseng, Nelly Korda, Mel Reid, Laura Davies, and Canadian Anne-Catherine Tanguay

With that complete and it now being 7:00 pm, it seemed like a good time to call it a day and attempt the picture uploading process.

Back at it tomorrow!





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